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Magnetic Treatment to remove Impurities in Liquids

Water  -  Gas  -  Motor Fuel

JaTech TM is the company that has developed a magnetic device that treats water circuits, hydrocarbons such as heating-fuel, diesel, petrol, natural gas and almost all other fluids. It is more ecologically friendlier than a conventional water softener, and the JaTech TM magnetic treatment not only prevents lime-scale accumulation, over a period of time will remove existing deposits.

There are no chemical additives, no required energy sources, no maintenance and the running costs are zero.

Effects on water and fluids:

  • - Prevents the build up of lime-scale and other possible harmful deposits.
  • - Removes existing build-ups.
  • - Prevents the formation and development of algae, mould and bacteria.
  • - Eliminates corrosion and removes existing deposits.
  • - Eliminates the need for chemical treatments and manual cleaning.
  • - Improves flow rates by conserving original pipe-work dimensions.
  • - Thereby maintaining installations at their design and optimum performance levels.
  • - Reduces cost of maintenance. 

Effects on fuels: fuel-oil, natural gas and other hydrocarbons.

  • - Improves combustion of all engines and burners.
  • - Reduces the emissions of pollutant gases, carbon monoxide/dioxide, nitrous oxide etc.
  • - Reduces air pollution by 50 to 80%.
  • - Prevents the development of bacteria and mould.
  • - Eliminates oily deposits.

The device can be used on burners and combustion engines utilizing all types of fuels. Savings are made on the improved efficiency of the machines and the reduction of maintenance costs.

How the JaTech works

 In a piped water system, the strong magnetic field of the JaTech device directs and modifies the molecules of suspended particles. In this modified state these particles are unable to combine to form solid deposits. They also effect the existing lime-scale deposits by a gradual dissolving process that converts the solid deposits into a suspension in the water and is eliminated over a period of time, normally around 4 to 6 months, effectively cleaning the insides of the pipes.

Also the magnetic field neutralises algae and mould as the bacteria generally finds the modified state of the water unfavourable for development and die. This is particularly the case for closed water circuits.

The main advantages for the installation of a JaTech magnetic device in a water circuit (water supply, hot water system, heat-exchanger, swimming pool etc.) are:

  • - The elimination of existing deposits (lime-scale, rust, mould etc) within 4 to 6 months.
  • - The output of heat-exchangers, water-heaters is increased as the general flow rate is     improved.
  • - The original design outputs are restored, producing a significant energy saving.
  • - The formation and development of corrosion, bacteria and mould are prevented without the use of chemical additives or an external energy source.
  • - There is a measurable rise in the ph levels of water, effectively reducing its acidity.

The magnetic field of the JaTech also has the same effect on the molecular state of hydrocarbons (heating fuel, petrol, natural gas etc.) changing them into a state more suitable for efficient combustion and thus creating a better heat output, or effectively a significant reduction in fuel consumption and a lessening in the production of un-burnt residues such as soot, again without any external source of applied energy or chemical additives.

The improvements on hydrocarbon fuelled engines and burners are:

  • - Less consumption.
  • - Increased flame temperatures.
  • - Less pollutant compounds in exhaust fumes.
  • - Less oil and soot deposits.
  • - Elimination of internal pipe-work corrosion.

A point to note is that for existing installations it will probably be necessary to adjust the burner-jets in order to regulate the improved heat output. Fuel and air flows will be reduced along with pollutant exhausts, due to the permanent magnetic field present.

The magnetism produced by the JaTech device is constant over a long period (over 100 years) due to the materials used in its construction and is therefore a long-term cost effective and eco-friendly device.

You are moving ! new appartment or house.

New car , truck or boat ?

You want to reposition your devices 

You need to do some works or to put into effect some modification ?

The original and unique design of our apparatus will in all cases allow you to dismantle and reposition any unit very quickly and easily .

NB: Effective earth connections must be incorporated in all pipe-work systems (only for Iron pipe).

Caution: the handling of magnetic devices can be a hazard to those persons with a pacemaker.


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